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Grab your gear and delve into the dungeons of this rogue-lite dungeon crawler, Ancient Dungeon VR, and uncover its secrets. Fight through hordes of different monsters with your sword and your throwing knife and collect tons of different powerups along the way to improve them and change their behaviour. Find and rescue friendly NPCs along your journey that can help you out in future runs by selling you different upgrades and perks for the right price. Challenge difficult and powerful bosses. Every dungeon you visit is procedurally generated, which means, each run is different from the last one! Do you have what it takes to find out what lies below?

Randomly Generated Dungeons

All dungeons you encounter in your playthrough are randomly generated and filled with traps, secrets, semi-bosses and tons of different kinds of loot. The deeper you go the more dangerous the environment and the enemies will get. There are differently themed dungeons that you'll encounter, for example the Overgrown Dungeon, that features a lot of vegetation and plant based enemies or the Infernal Dungeon, that features fire based enemies. But not all of your runs will encounter the same dungeons as there are multiple paths that you can take to get to different and hidden places.

Tons of different item upgrades:

Collect and unlock over 100 different upgrades, ranging from throwing knife or sword upgrades to gamechanging upgrades. Create crazy item synergies if you know what you're doing!

An interactable world

Use the environment to your advantage, cut your way through grass realistically, destroy pots and throw or drink potions.

Tons of different enemies!

During your runs you will encounter tons of different enemies, many unique to their respective dungeon type. Encounter wights, slimes, skeletons, wisps, flying skulls, champion enemies and more! There is a huge emphasis on meele combat, so the meele combat is made to feel really satisfying when hitting enemies, which means they react realistically to your hits.


This version is a beta version that shows the current progress of Ancient Dungeon VR. Feel free to test it out. Tested on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S. If you use another Headset I can't guarantee that everything works correctly. If you want to get more infos during the development or want to report bugs, feel free to join the Discord. 



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ADVR_b04.zip (older version) 58 MB

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People probably already mentioned it, but throwing the knives is a little buggy. Can't seem to throw in front of me. Only sort of works when I throw it sideways. Tracking should be fine, just played zero caliber and throwing grenades was perfect.
The rest I really like, glad to be a backer.

Thank you for supporting the game!

I'm already working on improving the throwing mechanics for Oculus devices. It seems like they have the most problems with the throwing.

How do you play it? I downloaded it with the link above but I dont understand how do i start the game

IDK what headset you use, but with oculus you go to your desktop when it's on, then open the location where its downloaded and open it up. It should launch in your hmd when you do.

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is it you possible to download this to my oculus quest

Not yet, in a week or two there will be an .apk that you can install on your quest.


This game is amazing. It's exactly the sort of thing I've been waiting to play on VR!

Initial experience issues: 

  • Couldn't figure out how to drink potions. Seems you should be able to drink them by putting to your mouth.
  • Couldn't figure out how to switch between sword and dagger. Perhaps pulling out the sword could be triggered by reaching over your shoulder?
  • I figured out how to grab things (grip buttons) but it took some experimenting. Perhaps that should be listed in the controls? I kept trying to hit trigger on the food thinking it would use it.
  • The enemies spawn with a cute little pop animation. Perhaps there should be a sound to accompany it? 
  • When you break open jars sometimes the items drop too low to grab them very easily. Perhaps they could float into the air or be summoned to your hand by pressing the grip and pointing toward them.
  • Some of the jars and chests would occasionally spawn partially in walls or crates.
  • I would love to have the turning be only triggered by a button press and not a touch. I would spin just by accidentally resting my thumb.
  • I would prefer the movement speed be slowed down greatly, but that's just me. 

Great work!! Looking forward to playing again!

Thank you for the feedback!

  • You need to pull of the cap in order to drink potions. Its also possible to just throw them on the ground next to your feet.
  • Pressing the menu button on the controller pulls out the sword. Trigger pulls out the knife. You can use them both at the same time.
  • Yup I want to add a tutorial that introduces you to the control scheme 
  • Good idea!
  • I don't think any item that drops out of jars needs to be picked up. It gets done automatically (its only coins and keys)
  • That bug will be fixed in the next version
  • I can add that as an option

I hope this gets ported to the quest, would love to play it without any wires. 


Quest support is planned!

Hello Eric,

I've just discovered your game on Kickstarter and I was blown away by the originality of it! Unfortunately I don't have a VR kit so I couldn't try it out myself but the idea and the trailer look fantastic. I read that you are considering hiring a composer, is there an email adress that I could contact you? I would love to write some music on this! 

You can hear some of my work on www.tansutumer.com

Congrats on the great job!

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Playing this on the Oculus Link right now but dont get me wrong, I will be forking over the cash on day one as soon as its release tether-less.  We have nothing like this game right now. you will make a killing on there!


Thank you, my Quest arrives soon so I hope I'll be able to port it soon!

how did you port it to oculus liink?

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No porting, link is just the wire which I plug the Quest into my pc. I have HP gaming computer, nvdia 1060

this is hands down the best VR dungeon crawler I have played yet. 


great game! like a vr soul knight meets minecraft!

but please fix the knives they would be great if they were more reliable when thrown

Could you try to get this as a beta for the Oculus Quest, if so i would love to play it.

Yes, Quest was ordered a few days ago and once it arrives I can get to work on a port.

Wow, that's good news, my only VR headset is the Quest and I'd love to play this! No my PC can't handle VR, so no oculus link for me...

Absolutely, 100% the game I have been waiting for! It reminds me a great deal of Compound, and if you can have the same success that dev has, get ready for a lot of love. Truly outstanding game, satisfies so many itches both inside and outside VR games!!


I'd like it if we could have an option to switch movement to the joysticks on WMR.

You may want to fix your Kickstarter Link - missing an 'R' at the end.

Oh.. Thank you! Fixed

No problem. Love what's here already, looking forward to see how things progress. Best wishes on the KS.

This is an incredible game gg for the dev :)

Ya know this game is pretty neat! Reminds me of Delver!

Love this game as well!! The new enemies and more varied dungeons are great. I am enjoying much about this latest build.

Started this itch account to report that there are issues with the throwing knives and picking things up for me as well. After my first death things got strange. I was able to "reset" sometimes by going into the test area then hitting it's clear and exit button. Also, sometimes the info panel for weapons would state that I had something equiped when I tried to, but was unable to pick it up. Sometimes one hand, sometimes both. When pushing trigger to get the knife, the "bugged hand" will just drop the knife, not hold it.

AWESOME GAME!! Love seeing it grow! Multiplayer someday??

Woah, looks like best VR roguelite. Deffinitly my fav.

Also encounter issue like a 9678Dash, after death(not always) I cant pick up anything and use knife.

And also my hands dissappear after open/close SteamVR overlay. I still can push buttons and pick up weapons, but not throwing knife.

This is an incredibly fun game! I have only played it for about 30 minutes, but I am already in love. But there was a (only slightly annoying) glitch, where if I died enough times, I could not pick up weapons, or use the throwing knife anymore.

Is it playable on PC or only VR?

Only VR

Great game! Here's a sleepy playthrough.


Great game! I had lot of fun.


I love this game, its the most satisfying game ive played in vr. Can't wait for more, keep up the good work.


The game is great.


This game is SO much fun. One of my favorite VR games out there and it's just an alpha! If you keep adding more content, this is definitely on it's way to be one of the classics! One recommendation would be maybe disable collisions between static terrain and the weapon that you're currently holding. It happened a few times where my weapon would get stuck behind a wall and my character would keep on moving so I would have to backtrack until my weapon flew back into my hand.


my review 

I really enjoyed your game, so much I had to make a video! :D


Cool thank you! I already saw a few new bugs in your video that I can fix now :D

Haha nice, btw The spitting plants, they are kinda bugged when killing them with the bow too! noticed it off camera. :)