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I played on Oculus Quest and can tell this game is pretty good! The Beta version is too short for the moment to play more than few hours, but there is a strong fondation for something great. It gives me the same feeling as Delver.

Game was honestly awesome waiting for more floors

This game is so much fun to play and kinda hard at the same time and i cant wait to play it more!!!

Hey can you make a non VR version of this game. I believe there could be people who would love to  play it on non VR

neat game though i wonder will the steam version be free to play or will it cost money

Played the beta, really want to buy it now. Any chance for a native linux build or failing that support for proton?

Hey, not sure if I can support linux, I haven't looked into that but I will look into it in the future

Thanks for the honest answer. I still bought the game. If you ever need a tester, I would be happy to help.

this game is absolutely incredible. i cant wait to see where the future takes it. great work!

So right now I'm having pretty major dizziness issues, I am on a vive, I think the issue is, I don't have a choice for clicking rather than touching the trackpad, as brushing your finger over it can cause you to move in unexpected ways

Just a good game , the graphics and all is good , But it is not my kind of games , But I will recommend it for others. Good luck for the future


This game is really cool! I really love the artstyle and i also really love the mechanics, or at least of what I played. My big problem with the game is that there's no teleport movement option and I get really motion sick from tradional movement systems in vr, so I wanted to ask: Are you planning to add a teleport movement option, or do you think it would disrupt the game too much? (Which is also a decision I would respect) because currently I can only play for very short sessions before i get too sick.


Hey, yes a teleport option is planned. It will come soon

Oh, yes that's fantastic! Can't wait for the update so I can play more of this wonderful game!

This game is hands down the best game I played in vr. The graphics are awesome and kinda makes me feel like I have been sucked into an old style game but in a good way. Runs really smooth with great FPS.

Well done Dev you officially made my day. I assume 1 person dev team??

Will be making YouTube content on this for sure as well as donating.

Can't wait to see what's coming next!

Please add PC dude please

The game can be played on PC VR headsets


Downloaded for free and played for a few hours.  About to pay $20 for it.  I really think you got a hit here in the making.  Please don't give up on this project.  You've outdone yourself so far; keep it up.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Hey! What are you doing here? There is nothing to see...

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Amazing! There's so much polish and replayability. Looking forward to future updates. 5/5 Highly recommend.

Constructive crit: the angle for the watch feels off, felt like I had to bend my wrist to an angle that felt unnatural for it to be right side up. Perhaps have it always remain vertical when shown, like a billboard sprite. (Played on Quest)

Very cool game! runs well on my Rift S! the gameplay is pretty solid now and will only get cooler with updates I hope, will deff wishlist on steam! one gripe though could you possibly add a sprint? having to retrace steps when I missed a corridor could be made alot faster! no real complaints other than that. 


The dungeon generation will be reworked next update, which includes features that remove a lot of backtracking so that should become a lot easier

How do you get it to work on Quest Two?

played alot of this game, 7/10 vr game from what ive seen, if you like rouge-likes and DND-like adventures this is no a brainer, even when its priced

Ive played the game many times on the quest 2, tho it feels lacking in the variety of weapons one could use. I was thinking of adding multiple classes or random weapons to pick up or loot. Also, will dual wielding swords ever be a thing? I feel like this game is better suited for huge customizable ability (in terms of combat and weaponry) to the player's liking.


How did you get it to work on Quest Two? 

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Played on Quest 2, I found it very very cool and fun, I played the first level, around 20 minutes, and time flew.

My minor feedback is for the movement speed, I personally don't have motion sickness, but I found the movement speed very fast for  my reflexes xD Maybe an option to change it between 2 fixed values would be nice :)

Looking forward for the final version! (and even maybe pre-purchasing it)

Are there any plans to add teleport based movement system? I get motion sick easily

Yes, it will come soon

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Hey, awesome game! but can u make a non-vr version?

I don't have plans to make a non VR version at the moment

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Might have found a bug.

After playing the demo on a friend's computer for hours, I could never figure out why my knife throwing was so randomly bad. Even throwing at the same spot would have wildly different results sometimes. I kept dying because I would throw the knife, and it wouldn't land anywhere near where I wanted it to.

I just started playing it at home and instantly realized why. For whatever reason, the knife refuses to be thrown outside your field of view... or something. If I try to throw it behind me, it just goes off to the side of my vision. 

Let me repeat that. Tossing it over my shoulder makes it fly out in front of me, to the left or right.

If I am looking directly at an enemy, I can throw the knife directly at them. If I am looking to the left or right of an enemy when I throw, the knife's flight angle is somehow relative to where I'm looking.  It changes, even if my real world arm motion is the same.

I can't realistically practice and get better at the knife throwing if the same arm motion constantly gives different aim.

EDIT: This weird bug aside, I love this game. Thank you very much for working on it!

I wrote this review on SideQuest but wanted to add it here so that more people could see it in case they are on the fence about downloading.

I really hope the developers read this review because I want them to know how impressed I was by their work:

My gosh, I did NOT expect this game to be as awesome as it is. When I casually booted it up while checking out some sidequest games on my oculus quest 2, it seemed like a standard "minecraft-esque" dungeon crawl with a roguelike gimmick. However, once I entered the dungeon and got used to the free-locomotion, I started to realize that this game has the potential to the THE BEST roguelike game on VR. The graphics are simple but are crisp as hell and the game runs at a flawless frame rate which is so important for VR games. Although the only two weapons at this point are the sword and the throwing knife, combat didn't feel dull at all and the throwing knife in particular was outrageously fun. Honestly some of the most natural fluid and throwing design in any VR game I've played so far. 

I'll admit when I got to the end of the third dungeon and realized that was all the content up to this point, I was pretty darn sad. Not because I felt shorted (I downloaded it for free but plan to donate now), but because I had completely lost myself in VR for the first time since getting my Quest 2. 

I have such high hopes for this game. There is obviously a ton of work left until this puppy can leave the land of early access. Finishing out the dungeons, adding in more enemies, items, armor, and most importantly WEAPONS. But as it stands right now, this is without a doubt the most impressed I have been by software I downloaded off of SideQuest. 

I have never pre-purchased a game before in my life but I am pulling out my credit card to drop 20 bucks on this one. Fingers crossed the development keeps going and this game releases for real one day. As far as I can tell this is being developed by a team of 1 person. I may be wrong but regardless it can't be more than 5. I pray they don't burn out working on this excellent adventure and I cannot wait to see the updates in the future. 

This is one of the most polished hack and slash games I've ever played in VR. I cant wait to get purchase the real thing once its done!
The only real bugs I feel like I experience was the throwing knife sometimes not returning to my hand and instead returning somewhere in front of my face. Also have you guys considered adding the ability to parry certain enemies?

Thank you, parrying is currently looked into but at the moment there aren't a lot of enemies where parrying makes sense. Maybe in the future.


Amazing and unique game! Congratulations.

By the way, once the game is finished, will it be for sale also here? I preffer to buy your game in than in steam.


I plan to sell it on Itch too


can you make it for psvr?


I haven't looked into PSVR yet, but maybe in the far future

ok cool

Please someone tell me there is no spiders in this game beacause it looks amazing.


No spiders :)

*Everybody loved that*

a tutorial walkthrough portal of all the mechanics would be a nice addition

A tutorial is planned


A truly one of a kind vr game! I love the aesthetic and the controls feel like it really depends on your skills whether you will progress further into the dungeon.

The only thing that is unclear to me is how to use the inventory, I may have missed that information somewhere. 

Also it might be fun to add a companion like a 'loot carrier' or a pet to get that dungeon raiding party' feeling and maybe even to use as inventory. 

Works really well on the  oculus quest 2, great job so far! ;3

Thank you for the feedback. There is no real inventory in order to keep things simple, you do however have 2 inventory slots on your wrists (like in HL:Alyx), where you can put potions and food.

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Well. since the game doesn't have a no VR Headset setting, I'll have to wait 'till I can afford one. The game looks awesome

Lovely style, great game. Each turn I take has me wondering what enemy I’ll encounter and how I’ll take them out. 10/10

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do I need vr goggles 2 play it or is there a no vr setting?

You need to have a VR headset in order to play the game

Playing with Quest and very impressed!  Lots of fun and I like that different rooms show up on different runs.  

Is it easy to load on to the quest? I've been tempted to try it but thats what i have.

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really impressed with the game! This is feeling like a really polished experience and it's still early access. Good interface, gameplay, physics...
Looking forward to seeing it finished

I'd only recommend to add more movement options. My VR legs are strong, but smooth locomotion affects many people and this will make the game more accessible


Thank you for the feedback. Teleportation movement is planned and will come soon :)


Glad to hear that! I really wish my stomach could handle smooth locomotion, but it can't. Tried this for a few minutes on the Quest, and it was tremendous fun. Looking forward to being able to play for more than a few minutes!

One of the best VR game I played ! I love everyhting, the design, the gameplay, the physics, the weapon, the bonus, etc ! Can't wait for this game to be finished ! (But I will :p )

Will it be available on the oculus store, and if that's the case, will it be cross buy ? Or will I need a steam key to play on pc ?

this game is incredible, will buy it 1.0

I must congratulate you on such a great and immersive title. I wasn't expecting much and got so much out of the experience. Needless to say I will purchase this, as soon as it releases, come 1.0. 

One very specific piece of feedback: For the titan potion, please implement some sort of player feedback. I think i drank it and didn't know it had applied the effect until after it was over

Thank you for the feedback, I'll put it on the todo list.

i need to know something before i download. can i play without VR


no, its VR only



This is amazing! I do have a question though. Will you eventually add wmr controller support? I mean the vive controls work for it but it may be a better experience if your able to use joysticks as movment.

I plan on adding WMR support once I have my hands on a WMR headset

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