Alpha 0.0.2 has been released

Alpha 0.0.2 has been released which hopefully fixes some of the most important bugs and adds a few new options for locomotion.


- added different locomotion support (headset, controller)
- added snap turning support
- added a toggle for Ambient Occlusion
- most enemies can now be poisoned and set on fire with the right weapons
- controllers now vibrate when you hit an enemy with your fists
- throwing potions that are full now apply their effect on other enemies / the player
- added poisonous potion
- the player can now receive all effects that enemies can get (poison, fire, ...)
- controllers now vibrate when you're hit
- added sound when getting hit
- added different tint colors when getting hit based on what the damage is (poison, normal, fire)
- changed it so that the rotation of the controller does not affect the speed of the player anymore
- fixed flying books being pushed away inconsistently
- items in shops now rotate and stay fixed until bought and used / grabbed (same on other places where you find items)
- fixed candleprop having no bottom texture
- fixed increased beheading chance not giving an increased chance
- inventory now gets cleared on death
- fixed arrows randomly getting stuck in the air (hopefully)
- fixed bow not working in inventory
- shopkeeper no longer talks with you when he's dead
- fixed the flame sword
- changed the time spikes stay in the ground
- fixed being able to walk through cell doors
- different arrow fixes (arrows should no be more consistent in getting stuck, etc..)
- fixed being able to wield a sword and shooting a bow at the same time
- the bow should work now (oculus users please report if that's the case)

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Oct 08, 2019

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