Alpha 0.0.3 has been released

ALPHA 0.0.3

- added a new test area to the home area where you can spawn monsters and test out different weapons
- potions now show their effect when you highlight them
- reworked the plant boss fight
- added more variety to the corridors (3 new components)
- settings are now saved between sessions
- added a cursed weapon

- fixed end run button not resetting your stats and clearing your inventory
- fixed being able to walk through doors
- made the entrance stairs to the dungeon less steep
- potions now do not break when grabbed in the hand
- potions can't be destroyed anymore when in inventory
- fixed bow fading the headset to black
- fixed snap turning mapping to the wrong controller after turning it off and on again
- fixed floating items persisting between floors
- fixed pit in corridor not killing the player
- fixed snap turning teleporting the player around
- fixed status effects applying on enemies that are dead
- changed values on the thunder blade to make it behave more like the other weapons
- buying in shops for oculus users should now work

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Oct 09, 2019

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