Alpha 0.0.4 Released

- added procedural weapons (only one functional at the moment, which is the iron sword, please give feedback!)
- added a new starting area
- added smooth turning support
- added snap turn angle / smooth turn speed
- you now deal damage based on where you hit your enemy (head = more, arms = less)
- added comfort options for locomotion
- swords now clash against each other with sounds and particles
- added pot impacts
- effects can now do different amounts of damage based on what item you have

- FINALLY FIXED THE INVENTORY (complete rewrite, please don't break it again guys)
- reworked the impact system
- the bow now rotates correctly on pullback
- made the bow more responsive to movement
- fixed sword making a swing sound when snap turning
- fixed inventory not getting cleared when starting a run / going back to home base
- fixed wrong floor number showing after dying and entering the dungeon again
- fixed player keeping old max health after death
- fixed candle holder having no burn particles
- fixed arrows getting stuck in the air if a bullet has been hit
- fixed settings getting displayed when in dungeon
- increased the knockback on fists (punching enemies is now much more satisfying)
- changed touch color of items
- reduced snap turning delay
- falling into the void now should bring you back to the starting area
- improved the grabbing hitboxes of swords and items
- items in inventory now don't clip through the slots
- changed the inventory layout a bit
- fixed hands colliding with weapons in a weird way
- small code cleanup

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Oct 12, 2019

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