ADVR Alpha 0.0.7 released

Alpha 0.0.7 has finally been released, which features Humanoid Enemies with weapons that can block your attacks and react realistically to your attacks. Also more shops and items have been added! Have fun!

- added thug and elite thug enemy
- added 1 new secret room
- added leaf blade
- added procedural axe weapons (4 blades, 1 handle atm)
- 5 new rooms
- a new variant of the flying book enemy
- small crates can now be moved around
- added levitation potion
- added 2 new food items
- added smith shop
- added food eat sound
- added herbalist shop
- increased performance significantly!

- the minimap now only shows parts where you have been to
- updated the price of some items in shops
- balanced procedural weapons a bit better
- changed the coin pickup sound
- made arrows less buggy
- small balancing fixes
- fixed an important bug, that made dungeons look less varied than they should be
- improved the sword code so they can be carried by enemies
- fixed red hit effect not correctly working on some enemies
- fixed beheading not working anymore
- fixed torch placement in boss room

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45 days ago

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